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How do they get a Colombian natural person to put their resources in something they do not know well?

I think much of this goes through financial education, and there is still a lot to go into it here. But I feel that there is a lot of natural person who invests in individual actions. Now, the important thing is to know if that is the best option for a person who is starting their investments. If I am an individual who does not have time to be monitoring stock prices, it is much more efficient to be in alternatives that diversify their risk.

What comes to BlackRock in the Colombian market?

This year we entered into an alliance with Bancolombia and designed a product to invest in international stocks; That is our bet, innovation and incorporation of investment instruments, create options. This Bancolombia alternative is concentrated in few countries. It has been an experiment with good acceptance among the bank’s customers. I feel that at the moment we are breaking that inertia that there are no new products because there is no demand. We remain very committed to the country by bringing investment instruments that help the development of the capital market.

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